A Short Singapore Trip

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Singapore is where foodies, explorers, collectors, action figure seekers, shopping centers, culture shapers, and social seekers meet. And of course… new experiences are created every day. Beyond the perfect skyline and the bustling city center, there is much more for us to discover and explore in Singapore.

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Singapore is a multi-cultural city, where many communities live a perfect life in harmony. Haji Lane is one of my absolute favorite areas while visiting Singapore. A hipster’s paradise. Full of beautiful architecture, cool culture, and fancy street art. And of course, you even can do some quick shopping. Find some vintage clothes, juice cafes, trend food shops, hip bars, and one of the best streets in the town. The amazing alley line attracts tourists to strike a pose. Enjoy the wall mural and vibrant street art in a small yet narrow alley. 

Haji Lane


For new visitors, Orchard Road is famous all over the world as an iconic shopping street in Singapore. Shop till you drop. Experience Orchard Road, the most famous shopping street where the home of fashions, jewelry, cosmetics, and other lifestyle choices are available. You will find shopping malls line both sides of the road, very close and near to another, making it possible for you to reach by walking. Spend your whole day exploring all the best that it offers.


Well… welcome to the world of perpetual spring! Let’s discover Gardens by The Bay. Located close to Marina Bay Sands, discover a 101-hectare huge, colorful, futuristic park in the bay area of Singapore. Be immersed in this futuristic botanic garden, be impressed by the famous super tree structures that offer an impressive skywalk over the gardens, and explore more than hundreds of trees and exotic plants from five continents that are displayed in nine different gardens. Step into the flower dome and you will see the beauty of nature, as nature constantly offers us simple pleasure of love and happiness.


Discover the rich Chinese heritage and the colorful and historical attractions. Let’s see what the best we can do at China Town. For you as the first visitor, no trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to China Town. With good food, arts, souvenir shopping, tourist hotspots, and a night market this is the place you cannot pass up. Starting from the style of the traditional Peranakan house, making it a genuine representation of Peranakan life and culture in Singapore during the 19th and 20th centuries. What about the food? Well… food is an important way to understand a country and its culture. Singapore is rich with its multicultural and famous for its strong street food culture. Grab a cheap meal of your favorite Laksa Noodles, Hainan Chicken Rice, Dim Sum, and affordable snacks as you will find over a hundred stalls in the open-aired available for you to choose from. This will make you experience true Singapore’s street food culture. You will be amazed by the beauty of traditional Chinese temples. Don’t worry as visitors may discover the temple during the opening hours. Today, temples are not only a place of worship but also a venue for performances and celebrations of Chinese culture.

Potato Head Singapore

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