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Friday, July 22nd 2022  — 
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Make-up can instantly change a woman's look and appearance. Does lipstick make women more attractive? By understanding your skin tone and choosing the right color, lipstick highlights and enhances your beauty for sure. 

Hello... welcome back to my journal. Today I will share about beauty things for ladies. Here, you can get references for lipsticks that have good formulas, smell good with a nice fragrance, and color recommendations that make you feel like standing out. In case you have any doubts about lipstick shapes or are curious about the new products, or perhaps this is your first purchase as a beginner ...

Here are my collections from the high-end and even the popular drugstore products that are worth every penny. Before we move forward with the review session, I would like to say that everyone has their personal feelings, preferences, budget requirements, and needs for each brand and product. So, doesn't matter what your brand is, every girl, and every woman has their own favorites. 


I tested the best long-lasting lipsticks as my recommendation and of course here is the list according to my experience. Trust me, sometimes we need to experience to test which lipstick is best through a full day of activities like eating, drinking, and more. Long-lasting lipstick means no more touch-ups. Choose matte lipsticks instead of lipsticks with the moisturizing formula should you wish to stay on all day long.

Get to know your lip condition before purchasing any lipstick products. Mostly, matte lipstick doesn't work well on dry or irritated lips; the lips look cracked if you're not careful. I suggest applying a lip balm for your natural daily treatment and drinking more water to keep on hydrated. Then you'll be ready for these matte and long-lasting lipsticks. 

How to choose a long-lasting lipstick?

 According to my experience, I prefer to choose a bright and vibrant color. Again, get to know and identify your skin tone, is it cool, warm, or neutral undertones, then try to apply it on the top of your hand, should you don't want to put it on your lips when you shop at the cosmetic outlet at stores, malls, or supermarkets. The best lip colors for my skin tone are; pink (any shades of pink), red, and nude. But nowadays, women have strong confidence to wear many colors without caring about their skin tone. Yes, when you have strong self-confidence, and the color boosts your mood, why not? Doesn't matter what your skin tone is, confidence is the most essential aspect. Back again to the topic... for me, vibrant color transfers and sticks to my lips faster and is not easy to fade. However, soft, nude, and neutral colors are mostly easy to wipe especially during full-day activities like eating, drinking, and even talking will make the color easily fade away. Well, choose your favorite brand, read carefully the review, then ensure yourself to buy. Remember some products might bring different experiences to others. 


I remember this is the first brand I used for the very first time when I was in college (LOL). When I was a teenager, this was the first cosmetic brand I knew and was available almost everywhere. My mom bought me my first lipstick with this brand, with a natural color, the shade of pink. I'm still a huge fan of this brand today since it offers more variants and improves with advanced formulas on each product. Then my second brand as a newbie was ETUDE. It's hard to find this product since the outlet is no longer available in Bali due to the pandemic situation. Discover more about why Maybelline is always one of the top drugstore products? First, this brand produces a wide variety of make-up products. Second, many variants of colors and shades are available for any skin tone. Third, you can choose which lipstick is best and fits you, available in matte, liquid, high-shine, creamy and more. Fourth, this brand is almost everywhere. And last but not least, the price is affordable and humble for your pocket. I have 3 Maybelline lipsticks, the Sensational Liquid Matte Soft Wine no 02, Sensational Liquid Matte Best Babe no 06, and the Powder Mattes Rossy no 5. 


 I am a huge fan of DIOR. I have been using this product for 12 years, the lipsticks and its wide series of perfumes. Once the evolution of matte lipsticks becomes very popular I tended to try matte finished lipsticks also. At first, I was not used to wearing matte lipstick, since the preference of the brands was still limited. Nowadays, many brands were compete to launch their best products with an improved formula. Then I saw DIOR ADDICT Lip Tattoo when I was shopping at Sephora to buy DIOR Ultra Rouge lipstick. I tried to apply it on the top of my hand, then I decided to purchase one with no doubt, which was the Natural Pink 881. When you applied for the first time, you will feel the texture it's so smooth, light, and weightless. Wearing this lip tattoo brings a bare-lips sensation, super comfy, and my face surprisingly looks brighter.  I used to wear this lip tattoo as my daily make-up routine to work. It doesn't disappear quickly. I love this product. My top 2 favorite colors were the Natural Pink 881 and the Natural Nude 351.

After DIOR and Maybelline, my other favorite brands are Shu Uemura, Sephora, NYX, Revlon, and lip tint by Holika - Holika. Ah... talking about Korean products, I have my top 3 favorite Korean products for lipstick; Holika-Holika, Missha, and Laneige. They have a pleasant smell like candy. But the one I love the most and is my favorite is lip tint by Holika - Holika. I can make a stunning ombre by using this lip tint. Once you apply it to your lips, you will feel like wearing nothing at all. It perfectly blends and the texture is incredibly light. It leaves a long-lasting matte finish, fast absorbing, and just melts quickly into your lips. It's mask-proof to wear under your mask. 

Dear ladies, thank you for reading and visiting my website. Remember, be confident, because every woman deserves to be beautiful, and you are gorgeous ^.^

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