Sanur; Catch The Magical Sunrise In Bali

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Immerse in the beauty of Sunrise in Bali

Bali is home to popular places to enjoy sunrise and sunset. Beyond stunning temples and beaches, this island allows you to discover more about its beauty and hidden gems. I will bring you a wonderful experience in Bali where you can delight in a special moment to watch a glorious sunrise. Indeed, Bali is blessed with an array of stunning sunrise spots. Make sure you will never miss the beauty this island has offered. 

Sunrise can be everywhere, we can discover beautiful sunrise around the world from mountain tops, beaches, to deserts.  Even when you are not a morning person and stay in a place that offers a stunning sunrise, you will take an extra effort to get up early to catch this magical moment. 

Known as the Island of Gods, Bali offers beautiful treasures that are no doubt to be explored. A day In Bali will not be enough, especially when you only have a short time to travel. This island offers some best places to enjoy the sunrise. When this is your first trip to Bali, and only have a limited time to travel, this place might be put on your bucket list.

Sunrise in the Sanur area 

A Glimpse of Sanur

It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive when you depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport to the Sanur area, with no traffic, and make a shortcut by an alternative toll road.  It's definitely worth visiting when this is your first trip to Bali and only have a short time to travel. This coastal town is quieter when compared to other coastal destinations like Canggu, Kuta, or Seminyak. However, you will find fascinating activities and many amazing venues in this area, and some are walkable. When you only have limited time, please make sure you arrange your accommodation around Sanur so it will be easy for you to explore the area, and get back to the airport. You can choose a wide range of properties from the lowest to the highest rates. Where to eat? Many fast food and local restaurants, cozy cafes, bakeries, and also convenience stores are available. 

Families, couples, or even solo travelers will love the laid-back atmosphere, it's also friendly for families with kids. Many resorts in this area are equipped with Kids Club with its fun kid's activities. The main street of the area is Danau Tamblingan, where you can stroll around by walking on a paved Broadwalk. 

Captivating sunrise

Sanur offers stunning beaches that travelers can visit and is known as one of the best spots to catch a sunrise in Bali. If you make your accommodation in one of some beachfront Hotels or Resorts in Sanur, and when you're lucky to stay in a room with an ocean view or direct access to the beach you can catch the captivating sunrise from your room. Another way to enjoy the sunrise is to set your alarm at 05.30 if you don't want to hurry and miss out, then make a stroll around Sanur Broadwalk, there is a long paved walk that follows the beach convenient for long walks and cycling. 

You can relish the moment when nature starts to apply and scratch its painting brush to the sky to create a palette of colors with a stunning gradation with a variant of light orange, including the shades of dark orange, red, blue, and purple. It's truly magical, especially if you are into nature or photography you will never wanna miss out on this moment. 

The best time to catch the sunrise is at 05.45 am, according to my experience. Sometimes we will find it's still too dark by 05.30 am. But the long wait has paid off once you experienced the stunning sunrise with the calm ocean waves as the back sound. And if you're lucky you can spot the locals doing their activities along the coastline, the fishermen with their traditional boat called "jukung" and make sure you try the local street food; deep-fried food that contains Indonesian spring roll called "lumpia", fried tofu, also fried vegetables covered in homemade peanut sauce and sprinkled with chopped chili. It is usually served in folded waxy paper. This local food is usually sold by men and women in a wooden box. 

Before you're heading back to the hotel, you can do other activities like; morning cycling, water sports activities, visiting the local markets that sell arts and souvenirs, or having a culinary experience at some convenience restaurants or cafes. You can also relax by the beach, and if you're tired you can sit in the gazebo at the corner of the beach while enjoying the ocean breeze and watching the boat passing by. 

The traditional boat "jukung"

Where To Stay 

When you are solo travelers, couples, or families with kids, Sanur offers many accommodations to stay from the lowest to the highest rate, with a wide array of hotels and resorts. Should you need a comfortable place to stay, looking for beachfront resorts around Danau Tamblingan, I can recommend you stay at Maya Sanur Resorts & Spa, or Hyatt Regency Sanur. My husband and I stayed and had an incredible experience at these two properties while we were in Sanur. 

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa, it's a 5-star beachfront resort, very friendly for families with kids. Not all the rooms are facing the ocean, make sure you ask for the detail and information should you wish to have the room with an ocean view on your booking. But you can still discover beautiful sparkling ocean water from a distance in another room category. This resort offers great food at a humble price available for all-day dining with a wide array of restaurants. The kids club is available should you bring your children during your stay. 

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Hyatt Regency Sanur, it's a 5-star beachfront resort and also a super friendly resort for families with kids. We had a great experience with the brunch. The restaurant offers delectable food and you can dine overlooking the beach with the ocean breeze while enjoying live music. There is an acoustic performance and it really enhances the dining experience.  The room is quite spacious, the kids club is available should you bring your children during your stay. 

Brunch at Hyatt Regency Sanur

There are still many hotels and resorts available, and you can choose where to stay according to your needs, budget, and individual preference. I'm writing according to my experience. Thank you for visiting my website and reading my stories. I hope you'll find this article useful. 

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