Staycation at Alila Seminyak, a luxurious beachfront resort in Seminyak

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Wondering where to stay in Seminyak? We had a wonderful staycation in Alila Seminyak. A fancy yet elegant holiday retreat equipped with modern amenities that surely will fulfill your need during your stay. 

Photo by : Dwija Arsana 

Hi... Welcome back to my journal!

This is your first time traveling to Bali? Or plan to travel to Bali again after this long pandemic? Today, I would like to make a review about Staycation at Alila Seminyak, a luxurious beachfront resort in Seminyak. Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Indeed, this island is known as "The Island of Gods" the hidden paradise in Asia, which has its own charm and beauty. My husband and I decided to stay in Seminyak to spend our long weekend. Upon arrival, we had our temperatures checked and you need to "check-in" through an application "Peduli Lindungi to ensure you got vaccinated, then we were assisted by a friendly guest service attendant at the reception for the check-in process. We stayed in an Ocean View Suite, which is located on the third floor of the resort. The use of masks is still mandatory in all public areas. 


Alila Seminyak is a luxury beachfront resort with 176 rooms in total. Every room category will truly cater to your need. When you're about to stay with a small family or plan to have a honeymoon you can choose Ocean Suite View Suite or Deluxe Room. The Deluxe Room is comfortable at 46m2 which accommodates 2 adults perfect for couples or honeymooners. While the Ocean Suite is more spacious, it's a 72m2 room equipped with a private balcony and outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Seminyak beach and feel the ocean breeze. This room is perfect for a family with 1 or 2 kids since it accommodates 2 adults and 2 children. By the way, you can directly book from the website, or through the application The World of Hyatt to get more customer benefits (Alila now is a part of Hyatt Hotel). The view offered by this resort, was amazing especially when it turns to sunset. We were spoilt by the five-star service from the first we stepped onto this property. What about the staff? The staffs are incredibly great, truly feel the hospitality. 

Alila Seminyak


Alila Seminyak offers 8 different room categories for guests to choose from. Each room category is perfectly equipped with a private balcony and terrace. Discover the room categories, which are the Deluxe Suite, Terrace Suite, Ocean View Suite, Alila Terrace Suite, Alila  Ocean View Suite, Seminyak Suite, Beach Suite, and the Alila Pent House. All rooms and suites are overlooking the pristine beaches. This property boasts an idyllic beachfront location on the exclusive Seminyak Beach. What about the pool? this property has 2 outdoor pools, a spa, fitness center, kids club, 1 restaurant for daily breakfast and all-day dining also a beach bar. 


Welcome amenities typically take the form of food and beverage. I remember we were greeted by a simple yet tantalizing welcome amenities where you can enjoy various kinds of traditional snacks or we used to call it "jajan pasar". There are two kinds of Jajan Pasar, Kue Basah and Kue Kering. You can enjoy this snack both sweet and savory, come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. We call them Kue Basah since they have a light texture and don't last long, because they are usually made from rice flour, coconut milk, and glutinous rice. What we had during our stay was Kue Basah, "Sarang Semut and Bika Ambon". 

Welcome amenities - Alila Seminyak


The 72 sqm Alila Ocean Suite is beautifully furnished with a cozy seating area and a private balcony to bring the airy indoor-outdoor feel. For your information, if you plan to stay on this property each suite from each Suite room category is equipped with a private balcony and sofa bed so you can enjoy the sunset and feel the ocean breeze from your own room. Once you stepped into this room, you will be greeted by a box of welcome amenities and a welcome note from the General Manager. Our room was facing the pool and the sprawling beach where we can lounge here all day. The bathroom, it's quite spacious and equipped with Alila home-made bath amenities with personalized and separated mirror make-up, also bathroom amenities specially made for HIM and HER. Alila has its own homemade and signature product almost in every amenity by using superior quality and locally-sourced ingredients, containing mandarin, lemon grass, and rose geranium. The special bathtub box contains everything you need from bubble baths to face masks and beautifully handcrafted beeswax candles. While all in Alila’s signature secret scent and set of outdoor activities amenities includes sun block, after-sun cooling gel, mosquito repellent and face spritzer. So you don't need to worry if you forgot to bring your sunscreen should you wish to do the outdoor activities. 

Alila Ocean View Suite
Alila Ocean View Suite - The Balcony


It was raining, heavy rain outside so we could not use the pool. There are 2 pools, outdoor pools that can be used by guests. Make sure that you wear a proper swimsuit, and a parent guide is essential for children under 12 years old. The view was amazing; you're gonna love it. Imagine that you lounging at the pool with a view of the ocean. It looks like an endless pool, an infinity pool across the ocean.

The main pool


Alila Seminyak offers 1 restaurant for daily breakfast and all-day dining, and also 1 beach bar to cater to your needs on food and beverage. Unfortunately, we did not have our all-day dining experience since we checked in late by noon as we explored the whole Seminyak area. So we decided to have our lunch at Pison, a small yet well-known cafe in Seminyak area,  around  1,6km and it took 7 minutes drive to depart from the resort. 


We spent our perfect afternoon lounging and relaxing at the Beach Bar, a breezy spot for unwinding under the sun. It opens daily, starting from 11.00 am - 9.00 pm. You can order snacks, cold beers, signature cocktails or other refreshing drinks to quench your thirst. Here, you can enjoy the ocean breeze while listening the music (they set good music anyway). You can also lounging on your own sun bed or swimming at the pool bar.  Make sure you make your reservation first to get the benefit of using the sun bed. The staff are really helpful, so you don't need to worry should you need their assistance. 

Beach Bar - Alila Seminyak


Experience the appetizing ambiance and refreshing dining at Seasalt Restaurant. Using an open kitchen to deliver visual entertainment for each guest, feel the relaxing ocean breeze while waiting for the dish to be served on your table, with the warm hospitality of each staff member. We had our breakfast the "Egg Benedict" perfectly served with a complete condiment "Bacon and salad". The dish tasted appetizing as it looked. My husband told me, "Do not start your day without coffee" so we ordered coffee to make our morning fabulous. I had a latte, while my husband had his black Americano. The latte was good, I like it. Then one of the staff members suggested we order a fresh juice, the combination of the mint, broccoli, spinach, and cucumber (sorry, I don't remember the name) but it was good and refreshing. I did not realize there were some herbals put inside, well done to the Kitchen team. 

Seasalt - Alila Seminyak

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