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Campuhan Ridge Walk Bali – Favorite Spot in Ubud

If you love hiking or simply fresh walking in the fresh air, I recommend you to visit Bukit Campuhan during your visit to Ubud. You can admire and enjoy the view and also catch the sunrise. Make sure you put it on your bucket list. 

Hi… welcome back to my journal and welcome to Ubud (again…)

I’ve been asked a dozen times of question “How does your life in Bali look like?” Once I answered and explained the details description of my Bali life, they replied as always”I still don’t really know and clear enough to understand what you’re doing there but you sound happy and enjoy your life”. Through these stories and graphic illustrations, I do really hope that my friends, family, and people around who have curiosity and throw many questions about my Bali life will understand. Bali offers different vibes and ambiances for each visitor. I was so lucky as I have been living for almost seven years and traveled to many different places. Ubud is one of my favorite places to visit in Bali. I have explored this place many times. And at this episode, I would love to take you to “Campuhan Ridge Walk Bali” popular to be known as “Bukit Campuhan Ubud”. 

My boyfriend and I enjoyed a morning sunrise walk here. Well… Bukit Campuhan is one of some instagramable spots while you’re in Bali. Most visitors love to capture their moments and make some amazing videos during their visit.

This is a beautiful paved walk along the Campuhan Ridge. This walk definitely showcases the natural side of Ubud. You may witness a beautiful paved walk along the Campuhan Ridge. For me, as I have seen many trees, flowers, and hills, it also offers the scenery of a beautiful small jungle rather than rice terraces and fields on the other side. Let me share the tips and tricks. Walk as early as you can or you will get melted! I don’t know, but I feel like I have walked faster but the sun was up and it was getting hot quickly. The best time to do the walk is early in the morning (for sure!) starting between 6 – 7.30 am or evening in order to avoid the midday heat. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset, and don’t forget to bring your camera or cellphone to capture the moment. When you were lucky, you may see the locals do some activities during your journey. So I suggest you come here early morning or late afternoon. Just follow the path and walk along the pavement until you find a small trail that leads you to a small river. It was beautiful. I can see clear water flows and of course, I have taken many photos.

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