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First Time Blogging For The Beginner

Easy Guides on How To Write A Journal (With no expertise and experience)

Trust me, most people start writing for the first time in their diaries. I personally start writing in my diary when I was a teenager. I shared my life stories, what I’ve been through all day at school, or perhaps the first day at school, making new friends, expressing happiness when got the highest score on a test or exam, a love story; meeting a new crush (LOL), just keep it safe on the diary. 


When this is your first time writing, you should not be afraid of people’s opinions, or how they judge your writing style. The first thing to do is self-confidence. How can you start to write when you have no self-confidence in you. Writing is how we communicate with others through our words, it’s one of the important parts of the communication process. Writing allows you to deliver your message to a larger amount of audience. 

You can be a great writer even when you don’t have any writing skills, I mean you’re just starting to write with no expertise at all. Trust me, I begin my career as a hotelier, not a blogger. I start my first career in the hospitality industry, in the Sales & Marketing Department as a Public Relations and Marketing Communications Practitioner. Writing is essential in Marketing, and this is a frequent activity that Marketers do. I write my first Press Release as a beginner.

At first, I have no confidence at all, since I understand that a Press Release contains information and an official statement to be targeted to the public, clients, and customers through media publication. It needs clear, clean, effective words, and also a strong yet communicative message. Then I found some resources and read many references from professional and senior Public Relations Practitioners, spent more time reading Oxford Paperback Thesaurus, and installed dictionary applications to improve my writing skills. Then I start to create my own blog. Having my own blog doesn’t mean that I declared myself a professional writer. I am proud that I have strong confidence, in making stories to be read by my audience. 

We’ll be improving in learning by doing. Your skill will be improved with practice. I personally convinced myself that writing is my daily exercise. Practice will make me perfect one day. Especially when we understand that English is not our first language, just read as much as we can as references, installing any English dictionary applications to expand our vocabulary, and learning English grammar is essential. 


Write whatever you want. That is your journal, your story. You can start by writing a story about your life. It doesn’t mean to share your personal life publicly. You can write a glimpse about yourself and your life as an introduction.

“Hello, this is me this is my first journal”.  I would like to share blablabla

You can do some research, on what kind of topics will interest people, and you need to be consistent, you can draft a topic and stories to be posted either once a week, or twice a week, you can set your own schedule. When you’re into fashion or beauty, you can write anything about trends fashion, or beauty tips. Or when you have a strong passion for food, you can share recipes and culinary recommendations. You can write anything, from a simple thing to popular or trending topics. 


There will be a moment when you’re out of ideas and stuck, however, you need to post and publish your stories more frequently. Remain calm, do not push yourself too hard.  Get some fresh air, drink coffee, put your AirPods on, and play your favorite music then the idea will pop up. That’s how I solve my problem when I feel that I lost my idea and creativity. That is why it’s important to scratch down your content ideas. Sometimes you need to look around and put something that interests you, read a new book for new inspiration, and also traveling, it generates new ideas. Traveling makes you feel happy and relaxed, then suddenly you just launch new concepts. 

Sometimes you need to find another comfortable place when you’re tired working at home like; a coffee shop, public park, library, cozy restaurants, lakeside, beach area, or anywhere with free wifi ^.^


Reread what you have just written. Sometimes it’s important to revise and edit what you wrote down. Make sure you read with fresh eyes. By rereading, you will read as a reader, then discover how you describe and deliver words to your audience. Well, writing demands time, effort, concentration, consistency, and commitment. Then, whenever you’re ready, your story is ready to be published. 

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my story. I hope you’ll find this article useful. 

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