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Spent less than IDR 100K For Haircare Product – SHOPEE HAUL VIVA PRODUCT, FULL REVIEW

Today we talk about healthy hair care products, plenty of tips to do your own hair care routines, and also try new things I purchased from Shopee. So, it’s time for SHOPEE HAUL with VIVA product. The review video is available on my Youtube Channel “Maria Febronia”. 


From some Indonesian people, this product might be familiar and we can call it a legendary brand. VIVA Cosmetics is one of the legendary local cosmetic brands in Indonesia. It was popular and also highly recommended to use before the international brands grew and were introduced in Indonesia. This brand produces many variants of products that can be used from head to toe. I prefer to do online shopping on a dedicated e-commerce website since I found out that many official stores of some popular both local and international brands are available and easy to find. I think it’s more fun and convenient for someone or individuals whose busy and almost have no time to explore some products at a store or supermarket, especially if a variety of products are not available to find in our local stores. 

For me, it’s time-saving since we can explore and access more products in a large number of brands, with just a simple type, and click the “search button”, then you will get the resulting product in a minute. Again, online shopping is a choice and it depends on each person as personal preference. At first, I was looking for a hair tonic product since I ran out of mine. Then I typed “hair tonic” and was recommended this product. I visited the official store, to have a look at the variant and wow… many products are available from head to toe. Make sure you purchase the product on VIVA official store. To be honest, this is my first time trying VIVA product. My very first time using a local brand was during high school, the product was highly recommended for teenagers, but unfortunately, the brand is no longer available. Back to VIVA cosmetics… I purchased some hair treatments, and a body scrub. Keep on reading for the product review.


Well… these are my daily hair care routine, feel free to have your own. Again, you are the one who knows well your hair type, condition, and scalp. Everyone has their own hair problems, even my husband and I have different hair treatments at home. Genetic factor plays a major role in determining hair texture and thickness. 

Last review for VIVA product, it’s not the haircare but the body scrub. I tried the avocado. The smell was good, it was pleasing. The texture is so soft and soupy it almost feels like a body lotion, so it doesn’t hurt your skin at all. 

I personally prefer the body scrub with a sandy texture, instead of soupy. Again, it depends on the person since everyone has their own personal experience with a body scrub that works for them. What works for one person might not work for another. Well… it’s been a week since I’ve been using this product and it’s worth trying. 

Again… choosing a specific brand, comes down to personal preference and individual needs for sure. Also, some products might work or not for others, it depends on a few factors. This is an honest review according to my experience after using this product. I’ll give 8.5 out of ten for the final score ^.^

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