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Staying Fresh On The Road – Smart Travel Tips

It’s time to share my beauty tips for ladies. Keeping fresh can improve your traveling spirits and assure that fellow travelers and the locals will not scare off by your appearance (LOL)

Anyway… I’m not a light packing lady. I used to bring a lot of things during my trip. And my boyfriend is very understanding about that. When it took many days to travel, I have to keep myself looking fresh and hygienic. 

Never Forget Of Your Beauty Routine

Different people have their own different beauty routines. Sometimes traveling is very stressful. It doesn’t matter whether your traveling is domestic, or abroad, be it by train, plane, bus, or your own car. As it takes time to reach your destination, never forget to look good by your appearance. By keeping on doing your beauty routine you can face your next vacation with a smile.

Apply Sunblock To Your Skin

Sunscreen is a must to be put on my carry-on bags. Applying a sunblock or sunscreen will keep us protected from the sun. Make sure to apply sunscreen and wear a hat or sunglasses. Sunscreen with SPF 30 or more is good protection for your skin. Before you pack for your next trip, be prepared to bring your favorite sunscreen

Keep Your Hair Fresh 

Ah… this is the best part to talk about. I never leave my hair straightener at home while I’m traveling. Well… it’s optional to do, when you’re facing a problem with a frizzy or bad hair day of medium or long hair like me the solution is to bring the hair straightener during your trip. If you want a bit easier and classier way, just try a ponytail style on your bad hair days so you will look fabulous. And don’t forget to bring along your hairbrush, hair energy, hair comb, and hair tie. Hopefully, it works, this is the best advice I can give to you.

Keep It Moist But Oil Free 

Apply a moisturizer while traveling to maintain soft, supple skin, helping to keep your skin from becoming dehydrated irrespective of the weather conditions. Find the right skincare products that protect your skin and avoid allergic reactions during your trip. Anyway… keep it moist but oil free. If you’re oily skin out of control, bring oil papers and dab the “T” zone as often as necessary.

Mist It With Mineral Water

To refresh your make-up while traveling, never glob on more foundation, BB cream, BB cushion, or blush. Instead, use mineral water. It helps calm and soothes irritated skin, and also gives a boost of hydration for a naturally dewy look. Once you’re finished with your beauty routine, you can cool your face with your favorite facial mist or simply use mineral water.

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