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Tegenungan Waterfall – Authentic Bali Experience for Nature Lovers

Welcome to Ubud! Are you planning for a trip to Ubud and need some references of things to do? Join me for an unforgettable Ubud experience.

Perched on the highlands of Bali, Ubud is an all-round destination should not to miss. Read more and you will know how much I love Ubud. For me, when I look deep into nature everything will be better. Located at Tegenungan Kemenuh Village, in Gianyar this waterfall is quite secluded but has become popular and with its natural beauty this hidden waterfall offers us clear water and a peaceful atmosphere. You will enjoy its very natural beauty and really feels like we are in the jungle. 

Lucky me, this waterfall was easy to find. When we arrived there, entrance ticket is required. At first, we need to start by walking to the river. Stairs down to the river are available to make the trip to the waterfall easier. We need to walk down about 10 or 15 minutes. Well… honestly I need a hard work to reach the down stairs. But after we felt like an endless descent, finally me and my boyfriend caught a glimpse of the falls, which seemed many more miles away to reach. From a distance we saw bridges to help our way down to the bottom. Once we got there, wow! our surroundings were luscious and beautiful. Oh while crossing the river you may notice as there were many set of pile stones. I have asked to the locals what does it mean, but unfortunately they can’t clearly explain it. 

If you are kind of adventurous and want to reach the top (just like me and I did it….) you may find a small path and stairs that can lead you up to the rocky ledge very close to the top of the waterfall. Again, an entrance ticket is required. Here, you can capture some beautiful pictures from different angles with luscious greenery as the background. When you feel sweaty and sticky get yourself ready to get into the water. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this Tegenungan Waterfall and would like to recommend this place on your list while you’re in Bali. 

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