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Travel Fragrances -Smelling Good On Your Holiday

For me, a fragrance contributes to the experience by creating a scent memory associated with the vacation itself. 

Hi, welcome back to my travel blog. Today, I would love to share everybody’s favorite topic, and of course, it’s the ladies’ favorite ^__^  Do you take your perfume with you on holidays?

When I am traveling my regular activity is bringing my perfume and favorite scent with me. I love beauty products, and my favorite one that I never forget to wear every day is my perfume. Well… I love to collect many scents, and yet I never bring any with me on holidays (for sure!) Of course, we will get stink and sweat easily while traveling. I will share a simple guide to smell great on the go. Well… here are my favorite scents ^.^

Floral Scent – When Fresh Rose Dressed Well In Peony Flowers This is the best composition and my favorite one. It was designed like a dress embroidered with a thousand flowers. Can you imagine you’re holding a flower bouquet in your hands during your vacation? Just spray a bit, let people around feel the floral springtime creation you bring and you are good to go. Remember, as not many people love the floral scent, so choose a friendly smell or just spray a bit on your neck especially when you’re traveling on a plane. Most people will easily get dizzy during their traveling. Lemon Scented “Citrus” PerfumeLemon scent of citrus is perfect for summer, or beach time. A natural fruity scent from the lemon brings a cheerful, fresh, and happy feeling. This fragrance will be a favorite for both women and men. It lights up your summertime and brings energy. When you’re planning to the beach, get your bikini, and spray a bit of this lemon fragrance to your neck, behind the ear, inside your wrist, base of your throat, or your favorite spot on your body so you can feel its cooling and fresh sensation a whole day. 

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