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Welcome to my hometown – Kota Lama, Semarang’s historic old city center

I would like to take you to travel around, but this time not in the Bali area. Heading to my hometown in Central Java, Semarang. The feelings you feel once you stepped into your hometown, the smell of your childhood memories, and meeting your family for sure.

I always return for visit after a long time, just to see my parents and family. The strange feeling is like “Oh my God… now I’m an outsider”. People you used to see and meet during your childhood moments, now just standing and staring at you like thinking “I think I knew you” (*laughing). Well, forget about being struck by moments of sheer nostalgia. What makes me shocked, is that certain things are still here. The fact that some old buildings are still standing is tough. They look just exactly the same since the moment I left.

What makes Semarang so special? It totally brings a different holiday feeling when you try to compare it with my stories while I’m in Bali. No sun, beaches, and sea for a while, but don’t worry… as you will find hidden charms while you’re in this town. Semarang is the capital city of Central java. Semarang is essentially divided into two, the first is “Semarang Bawah” known as the heart of the city where you may find activities of urban life and this is also the home of Kota Lama (Old Town) Semarang’s historic old city where you may witness colonial-era architecture.

While “Semarang Atas”, when you expect more serenity and tranquility and of course, you may also find the weather is cooler here (bring your sweater and jacket for sure!) Oh, you may witness Mount Ungaran, which is located in the south of the city center. Traveling with my boyfriend, we’re both mesmerized by the charms and beauty it brings. Still, Kota Lama Old City” is my favorite one. Once I was here alone or just the two of us with my mom, now I’m here with my boyfriend as this is his first experience traveling to Semarang. In this episode, I would love to bring you to explore Kota Lama.

Get your camera ready, as you may witness one exotic historic area waiting to be explored. Kota Lama is known as “Little Netherlands”. Situated at the intersection of Jalan Pemuda and Imam Bonjol, established in the 18th century when Indonesia was a Dutch colony. Its location is currently separated from a residential area. It has been a long time a go since this area was totally abandoned and forgotten by the citizens. Since it has been opened to the public and become one of Semarang’s tourist attractions, the government took a great effort to develop and this area is now very well maintained. 

No leaving this place without taking pictures. Many beautiful and unique spots are perfect for photography. Simple and artistic, people love to visit this place for pre-wedding and couples photo ideas. Gereja Blenduk or Blenduk Church is the oldest building in Kota Lama. Some visitors also love to strike a pose at this spot area, as it brings its unique experience. It seems like you have been transported back into hundred years ago. I feel like I have been taking into Harry Potter’s wizarding world, and being teleported to Diagon Alley (Hahaha). 

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